Bradford Mansion

Bradford Mansion is a text adventure game that was created for the Interactive Fiction competition in 2019.

Bradford Mansion

You can also find the game on the Interactive Fiction database.


A classic IF investigation/mystery set in an old mansion. What could ever go wrong in an old mansion?

Lord Bradford just passed away, and his inheritors are eager to get their hands on their inheritance. But there is a problem: the will is missing.

You are a young associate at the Twilight Brothers law firm. You got the assignment to visit the old mansion of the late Lord, and find his will. Because it has to be in there somewhere!?

Bradford Mansion is a classic parser based text adventure game. Runs in the browser or on Windows (x64) in a console window.

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Since IFCOMP2019, I have improved the adventure engine and also created a web frontend for it. This makes it possible to play the game in the browser. I upgraded Bradford Mansion to run on this improved engine.

The suggested way to play this game is to play it in a browser.

Play Bradford Mansion


If you really want to play the game offline, the latest version 1.2.2 is available for 64bit versions of Windows. This version has many technical things improved after the Interactive Fiction competition ended.

The original game had a MacOS and Linux version also available. Because of problems with creating console mode apps on these platforms (with my dev tools) and because of some complaints, I decided to discontinue these versions. Please use the online version on these platforms.