Almanac of Darkness

Almanac of Darkness is a calendar for role playing games. It was conceived for a World of Darkness game that we were playing some 10 years ago. The application was called WoDCalendar back then. But it can be used for any game that needs sunrise or sunset times around the world (vampires?) or the moon phase on a given date (werewolves?) or cities and population around the world.

Almanac of Darkness


With Almanac of Darkness, you get the following information:

  • The sunrise and sunset time for any day of any year for any place around the world. This can be used by Vampires to plan their day. But knowing when it gets dark is important for all sorts of adventures.
  • The phase of the moon for any day of any year. This is mainly for the Werewolf, to know how the moon will affect them. But other mystical things and happenings or events might also be tied to the phase of the moon.
  • Population size for cities around the world. This is more for the storyteller to plan things. In some games vampires prefer larger settlements, or their numbers are limited because of the population.


To run Almanac of Darkness, you will need:

  • A Intel, AMD or ARM processor based PC
  • Windows 7 or 10 (8/8.1 might work as well)
  • For versions prior than Windows 10: .NET Framework 4.6 installed. If you need to install the .NET Framework, you can download the .NET Framework installer for free.


Download the latest version from here.

Running the application

Extract the ZIP archive and run the application. If Windows SmartScreen warns you about it, check that the executable is signed by ReBuildAll Solutions Oy. More information about SmartScreen can be found here